Rules and Regulations

Our Rules & Regulations booklets are being printed with a few new changes and will be available in the office 2016.  We appreciate your patience and patronage to the District.


All canals, laterals, pipelines and works of the District, including structures in or over District’s canals and laterals, shall, unless otherwise ordered by the Board of Directors, be under the general management, control and supervision of the Manager of the District.  No person shall have any right to interfere with said canals, laterals or works of the District without express written permission from the Manager.  The District Office shall be under the direction and control of the Manager.

District Employees:

The District Manager, appointed by the Board of Directors, shall have the authority to employ such ditchwalkers and other assistants as may be necessary for the proper operation and maintenance of the system and the distribution of water, all of whom shall be responsible to the Manager, and it shall be the duty of the Manager to distribute the water of the District to the irrigated lands therein in accordance with these Rules and Regulations except as may be otherwise directed by the Board of Directors.

Duty of Water Users:

No water user shall dump either live or waste water into District’s system.  Every irrigator shall be responsible for all damages caused by his neglect of careless acts.

Wasting Water:

Water must not be wasted.  Careless and wasteful use of water will be sufficient grounds for the Manager to reduce the size of flow to one which he/she believes the irrigator can handle economically.  Persons wasting water on roads or vacant land either willfully, carelessly or because of defective ditches or poorly prepared land, or who use water on land not authorized for irrigation by the Manager, may be refused the use of water until such conditions are remedied.

Non-Liability of District:

All water furnished by the District will be for irrigation purposes only.  Most of the water furnished by the District flows through many miles of open ditches and is subject to pollution, shortages, fluctuations in the flow and interruptions in service.  The District will not make any agreement which binds the District to serve an uninterrupted, constant supply of water.

Point of Delivery:

Any person who sells, contracts to sell, leases, purchases or contracts to purchase any part of an existing tract shall not look to the District to provide right of way, water transmission facilities or maintenance of said facilities in excess of that provided as of said date, whether the property is to be irrigated directly or by run-off methods.

The District will preserve access and delivery points by every use of authority of the District.  Any owner of lands within the District who divides a tract, whether by official plant or by land partition or otherwise, shall be responsible for providing the necessary easements and delivery system from the original point of delivery.


All structures such as bridges, stockades, fence crossings, etc., now on the easement or right of way of the District ditches shall be considered District property.  No new bridges, fences, fence crossings or stock gates, unless the same shall have been provided for in right of way or easement contracts, shall be constructed over, across or in a District canal or lateral or right of way without the permission of the District, and if permission is granted for such structures, they shall be built under the specifications and directions of the Manager of the District, and if permission is granted for such structures, they shall be build under the specifications and directions of the Manager of the District or they may be built by the District provided the estimated cost of their building is advanced to the District before the start of such construction.  Unauthorized installations shall be removed at the cost of the responsible party.

Wading, Swimming or Bathing:

No person shall wade, swim or bathe in the canals, laterals, pipelines or works of the District and all members of the District are asked to notify the District and the District office if they observe any person wading, swimming or bathing in the District’s facilities.

Private Laterals:

Privately maintained laterals and other facilities served by the District must be in good condition so as to prevent loss of water and permit regular flow.  The Manager may refuse the delivery of water into facilities which are not adequately prepared and maintained.  The District will not be responsible for defects in privately maintained facilities.

Oregon Revised Statue 540.420 provides that in all cases where ditches are owned by two or more persons and one or more of such persons fails or neglects to do his proportionate share of the maintenance necessary for the proper operation of the ditch, the owner desiring the maintenance may, after having given 10-day written notice to the other owner who has failed to perform his proportionate share of the work, perform such share, and recover from the person in default the reasonable expense of the work.

Access to Land and Ditches:

Any officer, employee, ditchwalker or other authorized personnel of the District shall have free access at all times to the private ditches and lands being irrigated for the purpose of determining whether the ditches are in satisfactory condition to handle water and whether the water is being used economically and efficiently.

No fences, ditches or other obstructions shall be placed across or upon any District canal bank without special per-mission of the Manager and then only with the understanding suitable openings or gates will be provided to enable District employees to travel said canal banks without hinderance.  The Manager shall have the right to remove all fences or obstructions contrary to these provisions.  Crops and other vegetation grown within the District’s right of way, or which otherwise interfere with a District facility, shall be subject to reasonable removal or destruction by the District.

ORS 540.710, 540-720, and 540-990 prohibit any person from damaging, destroying, obstructing of removing any facility used for conveying or holding water, or using water without authorization and provide criminal penalties.

No tree or vine pruning, bush, weeds, grass, manure, rubbish, garbage, swill refuse, dead animal of other material or substance what will be or become offensive to the sense or injurious to the health or injuriously affect the quality of water, or obstruct the flow of water, or result in the scattering of seeds or noxious weeds, plants of grasses shall be placed or dumped in any District canal, ditch, conduit or reservoir.  All employees of the District shall promptly report any violation of this rule, and the people of the District are especially urged to cooperate in its enforcement.

The office of Grants Pass Irrigation District at 200 Fruitdale Drive Grants Pass, Oregon, will be open between 8 AM to 4:30 PM daily, except Saturday’s Sunday’s and holidays.

The Ditchwalkers, during the irrigation season, sure subject to call twenty-four hours per day and work long hours.  It is requested that they not be disturbed during the night or at unreasonable hours in the morning except in cases of emergency.

An irrigation district is a quasi-municipality, a cooperative organization, and every land owner is a member of the organization.  It makes no profit and is operated for the sole benefit of the lands and people within its boundaries.

Management tips: What you can do

  1. Keep soil and nutrients on site.
  2. Keep manure, fertilizer, animals out of streams and irrigation conveyances (e.g. canals and ditches)
  3. Provide an alternate drinking water source.
  4. Pile manure away from canals and ditches.
  5. Fence livestock out of canals and ditches.
  6. Pipe ditches through pastures.
  7. Apply fertilizer based on crop needs, soil tests, irrigation schedule and weather.