Our Mission

The Grants Pass Irrigation District, located in Oregon’s Josephine and Jackson Counties, was organized in 1916 to provide adequate irrigation water for lands in the Rogue Valley. The district is dedicated to operate and maintain a distribution system that economically and environmentally enhances the community.

Next Board Meeting

The next  Board Meeting is November 12, 2015 at 10:00 AM.  These are public meetings, so everyone is invited to attend.  The meetings are held at 200 Fruitdale Drive Grants Pass in the conference room of the Grants Pass Irrigation District office.  If you plan to attend, it is best if you call the office at (541) 476-2582 […]

2015 Billing Statement Postcards

10/30/15 The staff has been making courtesy calls to get patrons in to pay their assessment or make a payment agreement.  This is our last ditch offer to get the public in to pay their assessment before liens are applied to their property on the 1st of November.  9/4/15 Our statements for all past dues […]

Irrigating Season

9/23/15 It was determined this afternoon by the Board Members to close the 2015 irrigation season as of Monday October 5, 2015.  This is due to low water in the Rogue River and low temperatures and the fact that alot of our patrons are not using the water.  The ad will be in the paper […]


With the irrigation season upon us, the District is constantly concerned with the safety of the general public and wants to remind everyone of the dangers posed by open irrigation canals.  The canals contain slippery moss, sharp rocks, glass and barbed wire.  There are a lot of hidden underwater dangers such as turbulence or suction, […]

No Spray Agreements

The NO SPRAY AGREEMENTS are out in the mail.  Please be sure to mail them back into the office.  If you are a landowner that wants to request that no chemicals are used to control plant growth on the District’s right of way on your property, you need to annually fill out a NO SPRAY […]

If You Have An Emergency

If you have an emergency situation where you have water flooding your property or any other property; please call the office at 541-476-2582.  Your call will go to our answering service and be handled with a GPID employee right away. The ditchwalkers, during the irrigation season, are subject to on call twenty-four (24) hours a day and […]