Delinquent Letter

Some of the district patrons have complained in the years past that they were not given adequate warning that their account was past due before a lien was placed on their property. So, to facilitate their request we decided to send a final letter stating that the account was past due however the delinquent letter recently sent out had some information that was not correct. Please disregard the last payment date and the years delinquent, as it is incorrect on some letters.

The total due at the bottom of your letter is correct. The example below is an account that is 2 years past due.


INVOICE PERIOD                        AMOUNT               INTEREST               TOTAL DUE

         2022                                                   385.69                      12.26                  397.95

          2023                                                 233.06                      24.80                 257.86

**** TOTAL OUTSTANDING BALANCE ****                                655.81

If your letter shows a total due like the example above, your property is subject to a lien. Please call the office and bring your account current or make payment arrangements.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.