District Office Remains Open

As of today, the District Office will remain open until further notice. The office Girls continue to wipe down and sanitize though out the day.

If you are making your payment we have a few options if you would rather not drop in.

  1. Patrons are more than welcome to call in and one of the Girls in the office can take a payment over the phone. The payment can be in the form of a check or credit/debit card. Please be aware that our processing company will charge a processing fee to do this. Checks over the phone are a flat rate of $2.95. Credit/Debits cards are processed at 2.5% per total assessment. For instance if your assessment is $216.85 there will be an additional $5.43 charged for processing. Keep in mind the District does not get any of the processing fee.
  2. Patrons can also make a payment through our secure processing company Point & Pay. Just go to our home page and click “Pay Online Now”. The secure processing site will guide you through the process. The program will ask for your “Map ID Number”. This is your Parcel # and can be found on your assessment billing approximately half way down to your right. Same processing charges will apply as mentioned above.
  3.  It will look like this: 36-5-19-41 000600 when you type into the payment screen:

Please call the office if you have any questions! Thank you!