No Spray Agreements

The NO SPRAY AGREEMENTS are out in the mail.  Please be sure to mail them back into the office.  If you are a landowner that wants to request that no chemicals are used to control plant growth on the District’s right of way on your property, you need to annually fill out a NO SPRAY AGREEMENT and file it in the District office by January 1st of each year.  The forms are available in the office.  You may either pick one up or request that one be mailed to you.  There are no fees for filing this form.  You will need to put up signs at either end of your property about no spraying.   This way when the spray equipment is in the area, they don’t spray your area.  We do sell the no spray signs in the office for a fee.

If the District does not receive a new form each January we will assume that the no spray option is not needed for your property.  It is each patrons responsibility to take care of this each year.

If our staff founds that there has been no care taken on the vegation and debris, we have the right to take care of the problem without notification to the property owner.

All chemicals that the District uses, are approved by the State of Oregon Department of Agriculture.  All personnel that uses the spray, are licensed by the State of Oregon and are supervised by our Public Supervisor we have on staff.  The Supervisor has had his license for over 20 years.  They all attend classes and update their licenses each year and learn of the latest technology that is in the field, so that they can get re-certified by the State of Oregon.