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With the irrigation season upon us, the District is constantly concerned with the safety of the general public and wants to remind everyone of the dangers posed by open irrigation canals.  The canals contain slippery moss, sharp rocks, glass and barbed wire.  There are a lot of hidden underwater dangers such as turbulence or suction, strong enough to rip off a lifejacket!

Some driveway crossings have a trash rack to catch debris as it floats in the water.  The water pressure at these crossings is higher, causing even more danger in these areas.

Kids building dams in canals or ditches for fun can cause extensive damage that requires expensive repairs.  Please communicate to your friends and family that it is not only against the law to be in the irrigation canals, but how dangerous ditches and canals can be.  Please call the District office immediately if you see someone swimming or bathing in the canals.