This year the rate has been increased 3% from last years rate. We will be assessing patrons this month. The assessment for 1 acre or less will be $211.15 for 2019. The Drainage and Commercial Drainage accounts also increased 3%. Patrons will start seeing assessments towards the end of January.
GPID Board of Directors approved the 2019 Capital Budget for $184,000.
Aside from pipe and material for repairs GPID paid $312,000 to Pacific Power to run the Savage Creek Pump Station and $119,000 for the smaller pump stations that feed approximately 6,000 patrons.
The District had 2 Board Members elected and 1 appointed in November of 2018.
Jim Huttema, Division # 1 (appointed)- Rogue River, John Groves, Division #4- (elected) Redwood Avenue area and Carl Hanhart, Division # 5- (elected) Jerome Prairie area. These Board Members will serve until their term ends on 12/31/21.