June 16, 2017 News

6/16/17 The Construction crew that was doing the repair for Sand Creek is about complete.  The engineers are checking the system over to make sure everything is done correctly.  If everything goes good, we will try and start that line up on Monday 6/19, 17.  We have to check for any leaks and make sure everything is running good before we completely turn that line on.  So it may be slow for a few days and if everything goes correct that line will be fully charged.  We appreciate your patience.  Thankfully we had some rain recently and it has not been hot.  5/23/17 The River is low enough to start our work that has to be done before we can turn the pumps on.  We thank you for your patience.  So we started pumping water and it will take time to get to the other end of town. It has been an unusual year from an extreme amount of rain water; and then Army Corp of Engineers had to let out an extreme amount of water from Lost Creek Lake for the incoming snow melt off.  These are the things that have caused us to be late turning on the water for the 2017 season. The District has turned the water on this date of the year before; but unfortunately, the Rogue River is running too high this year from all the winter rain and snow. Lost Creek has already started releasing water to prepare for the massive snow water runoff coming. It has driven up the high water on the river and keeps us from doing our job of cleaning the fish screens in front of the pumps before we can turn them on. We are expecting a two week delay, but will post on this web site and in the paper when we can turn the pumps on. We remind people to not use the canals and ditches for trash disposal. This clogs up all the grates, valves, and piped lines along the canals and ditches. It keeps people from getting their irrigation until we can get the time to blow out the lines of debris.

Be sure to turn in your No Spray form if you don’t want us to spray your property for weeds. We begin spraying in February this year.

Assessments will be mailed out after January 18th. We will have a new look this year! So you will not be looking for a post card, but a letter. The District decided that too many post cards were being missed and lost by our patrons. We hope this helps with that this year.

Do not plant trees and shrubs on our easements. This creates a problem with the water flows and we have to go in and remove.