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2020 Assessment

The girls in the front office are making final courtesy calls on past due accounts. We realize that this year has been crazy, and some have been out of work or just now getting back to work due to Covid-19. If you find that you are struggling please call the office and speak with one […]

2020 Irrigation Season Shutdown

The Savage Pump Station will be shut down Friday, September 25th 2020 at 8 am. The District will start canal/ditch shutdown procedures at that time.      

Air Quality Index “Unhealthy”

FYI- due to the adverse Air Quality in Grants Pass, OSHA has advised employers to provide safe and healthy workplaces, therefore the GPID staff have once again been limited to what job duties they can perform. Air Quality reaches an “unhealthy” work environment over an air quality index of 151. Today our air quality was […]

Gravity Pump Down

The Gravity Pump is temporarily down at the main pump station. We are not sure what the issue is as of right now, however our maintenance employees are working on the problem to get the pumps up and running as quickly as possible.    

Thursday August 13, 2020 shut down

Due to flooding, the following area will be shut down E Park, Florence, Parkdale, Playford, Vista  for repair. The Maintenance Crew will be out tomorrow to repair a blown pipe. We are hoping we will have this area up and running tomorrow afternoon! Please check back for updates!

UPDATE- Power Outage- No Water

UPDATE- The power was restored to the pump station around 3 pm yesterday. The guys began running the water out.  If you haven’t gotten water yet, it should be there this morning.   Early this morning there was a fire in the Rogue River Highway area. Some power lines in that area were burnt, shutting […]

Low Pressure/Water Flow

We are aware of the low pressure/water flow that some are experiencing. The guys are working diligently to stabilize the canals/ditches and pipes. Everyone should have more pressure by the end of today. Please bear with us!