2018 Billing Statement

2018 Assessments have been sent out January 22, 2018 and you have until 4/1/18 to pay without penalties.

Look whats NEW!  You can pay your bill online on our website.  Just look for the yellow box that says pay here!    The assessments are due by April 1.  Assessments start accumulating interest fees on April 16 and on the balance owed for each month thereafter until paid in full.  If need be, you can make payment arrangements with the office as soon as you receive your assessment and split your payment up.

The Board of Directors made a decision to increase our rate this year (2017) due to higher costs in repairs and doing business.

We will have five Ditchwalkers this year, as we have a top notch team.  They will be helping out with your service needs.

Please contact the office with any new update information for the purpose of the District.  Many of you have changed from a land line to cell phones, please let us know so that we can update our files.  It is important for the Ditchwalker to have contact numbers during irrigation season.